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TVR Tuscan Mk1 4.0S Red Rose for Sale. POA
TVR Tuscan Mk1 4.0S Red Rose (2001)
TVR Tuscan Mk1 4.0S Red Rose (2001)
TVR Tuscan Mk1 4.0S Red Rose (2001)
TVR Tuscan Mk1 4.0S Red Rose Targa Str8six Signature Tuscan

1,000 miles since TOTAL REBUILD

Str8six Signature TVR Tuscan

The car
Based on TVR Tuscan Mk1 4.0 Litre Red Rose Model.

Full Mechanical Restoration
Including OE Spec Plus powder-coating, zinc passivation, anodising & plating everywhere on the car.

Stripped and shot-blasted, outriggers & other metalwork renewed. 3 Stage powder-coating process including zinc prime. Fitted with latest heat shielding & coatings to protect against heat soak. All bushes, bearings, mountings, ball joints etc renewed.

Tuscan Mk3 suspension - new wishbones, uprights and all components incorporated - to Lee Noble specification - plus Str8six improvements. Full Optiline alignment.

Entire braking system to Tuscan Mk3 specification. All hydraulic systems renewed. Full braided hose protection.

Rebuilt by Str8six to 4.0 Litre Tuscan race program spec. Bespoke offset counterbalance steel crankshaft and H-Section steel conrods. Modified timing gear, cast road spec camshafts, uprated valve train, harmonic covers etc. Roller bearing -equipped throttle bodies with throats machined & matched to carbon airbox & trumpets.

Ceramic coated manifolds interfaced to Bespoke full stainless steel large bore system. Str8six acoustic tail trims.

Engine Management
Latest MBE 9A9 system, with wide band lambda for precision fueling & knock control. Reconditioned electrical system with new wiring looms, motors, servos etc. Fully mapped system.

Electronics & Componentry
All replaced or refurbished by experts to achieve the optimum possible reliability.

Rebuilt Borg Warner T5 manual 5 speed gearbox fitted with new heavy duty close ratio gear set.

New AP Racing triple plate clutch interfaced to lightweight flywheel.

Fully rebuilt BTR diff inc new 3.7:1 crown wheel & pinion.

Tuscan Bodywork
Stripped & all panels optimised for best possible fit by the leading TVR bodyshop. An opening bonnet conversion was carried out. Painted in Porsche slate grey. (Optional) High visibility striping incorporated.

The interior was re-trimmed in the finest leather and carpets by Aston Martin development engineers, all the switch gear was stripped with the bronze alloy items plated in Black Chrome. The dash pod was stripped and the dial fascias anodised in grey to give a Swiss watch feel. (We like watches!). The pedals are Typhon items along with a carbon kickplate.

Wheels & Tyres
OE 18 Spider alloys prepared in Unique Chrome finish. Toyo Proxes TVR specific tyres finished (Optional) with whitewall banding to Str8six spec.

Could you own such a Signature TVR. Yes - but only this one! There are no plans to repeat this exercise at the moment. And Yes, the price is close to that of TVRs new 500 Griffith 500LE (£90,000). But you could own our Signature Tuscan and drive it in 2019. (And remember, a Singer Porsche is £250,000!).

Overall mileage - 1,000 miles since total rebuild. Advert Date: 2020-04-13
Str8six (Trade). Tel: 01844 352735. Viewing by appointment only. Oxfordshire, OX49
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