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TVR Sagaris LHD for Sale. POA
TVR Sagaris LHD (2006)TVR Sagaris LHD (2006)TVR Sagaris LHD (2006)TVR Sagaris LHD (2006)TVR Sagaris LHD (2006)
TVR Sagaris LHD (2006)
TVR Sagaris LHD (2006)
TVR Sagaris LHD. One of the very last cars built according to the factory build sheet that we hold on the car.

Originally an Italian Export LHD car, now living with a client in Germany.

As you can see the car is in beautiful condition, inside, outside and underside! ??

Very few km’s have passed under its chassis, and all of those that have, have been careful and cherished.

Numbers of LHD Sagaris’s in existence is low, somewhere around 14 including the Series 2 Sag that went to the Middle East.

The LHD cars have some unique features such as:

No roof hump on all but 3 we think….
Opening bonnet.
Different internal radiator cover.
Different chassis design to allow steering column to pas through it.
Rear exit exhaust and different rear diffuser (Although this one was specified with side exit exhausts and so original diffuser).
Please get in touch if you’d like some more info and you have a serious interest in this beauty.. Advert Date: 2018-12-23
Shmoo Automotive (Trade). Tel: 0116 2470644. Viewing by appointment only. Leicester and Devon
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