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TVR Griffith 500 for Sale £29,000
TVR Griffith 500 (1997)TVR Griffith 500 (1997)TVR Griffith 500 (1997)TVR Griffith 500 (1997)TVR Griffith 500 (1997)
TVR Griffith 500 (1997)
TVR Griffith 500 (1997)
TVR Griffith 500.

I'm a bit different to most TVR Griffiths in that I am a one owner car - and I was my Lady's second Griffith. Her first was a Cureton Green 4.0 litre, but I am a much more handsome Starmist Green 5.0 litre!

Indeed, since 2007, I've only been doing about 750 miles each year and my fitness was suffering. Mind you I did still get my annual visits to the Vet (spelt MOT). He only failed me once - back in 2014 - and I was sorted promptly.

And then my owners decided we weren't really compatible any more as they were getting older too. So they decided to take me to the Blue Cross last November to see if Str8six could find a new owner for me. Obviously Str8six gave me a thorough health check and it was clear I was heading for a Midlife Crisis - and not in a good way!

Those who have seen me since can't believe the transformation and I have been asked to reveal what my fitness programme involved. Back in the old days that would have been private, but I am so pleased with the way I feel now that - at the risk of boring you - this is what I've been through:

My chassis and suspension have been completely worked through. I have new front top and bottom wishbones with new bushes throughout. My top and bottom front ball joints, front links, both rear top wishbones and all their bushes, and my 4 bottom wishbone bushes are all new and have Str8six's anti migration mods. I have 2 new rear track adjusters and a new differential bush. I also have 4 of the latest Griffith SE spec Bilsteins shocks and Eibach springs.

I now run on 2 nearly new and 2 brand new tyres and my suspension has been fully aligned. My heater cables and controls have been fully sorted. I have a new windscreen and my dashboard has been refurbished. I also have Str8six's straked door centre panels and new gear and handbrake gaiters as well.

I have also had my bodywork repainted where my age was showing and now I look like a young thing all over again! I am nearly too sexy for my shirt, though I say so myself. And although my speedometer shows 30,000 miles, I have a letter from my sole owner confirming that my real mileage is no more than 35,250.

I do have service records for most of my life but they are a bit skimpy as they consist mainly of servicing by independents and MOT stations, as shown. However, Str8six have pampered me for the last few months and they apparently have every confidence in me. I now have a completely clean bill of health and I will be released "Back into the Wild" with one of their All the 12 certificates.

This means that, on top of all my Spa and Sauna treatments, I will have had a full PDI and a full 12,000 miles service. I will also come with a 12 months MOT and 12 months road TAX. And of course I will come with Str8six's unrivalled 12 months/12,000 miles FULL WEAR and TEAR WARRANTY covering PARTS and LABOUR on the WHOLE CAR. I also have an inbuilt 12 volt trickle charger.

Overall mileage - 35,250. Advert Date: 2018-04-05
Str8six (Trade). Tel: 01844 352735. Viewing by appointment only please. Oxfordshire, OX49.
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