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TVR Tuscan 4.0 for Sale. POA
TVR Tuscan 4.0 (2000)TVR Tuscan 4.0 (2000)TVR Tuscan 4.0 (2000)TVR Tuscan 4.0 (2000)TVR Tuscan 4.0 (2000)
TVR Tuscan 4.0 (2000)
TVR Tuscan 4.0 (2000)
TVR Tuscan 4.0. ONE OF THE VERY FIRST CARS OFF THE PRODUCTION LINE FITTED WITH ORIGINAL 16" ALLOYS. Just the 1 owner from new and 5,440 miles.

The owner had his money down on the previous model, like some 400 others who at one point thought there was a Griffith Speed Six coming, but that never came to pass.

Built in Jan/Feb 2000, possibly earlier, we are looking to get more information at the moment as the first and only owner set down the spec on this car in mid-1999, when TVR announced the new model.

He went over to Bristol Avenue and spent a great day at the factory in Peter Wheeler's office with him and Dorothy Cureton. Agreeing colours, full leather etc. At that time, as he was a repeat client, they promised him a very early car.

The car has been garaged the whole of its life in the Isle of Man, and only ever went off the Island to be serviced back at Bristol Avenue and after that at David Gerald. In recent years it's been looked after by the local sports car specialist SCP on the IOM.

Due to work and other travel commitments, over the past 15 years the car has only been out on sunny weekends when he was back on the Island. Hence the low mileage.

A unique example of a highly specified original Tuscan, just like it came out of Bristol Avenue.

Original paintwork and in fresh condition that only a genuine, super low mileage car can really reflect. The interior is beautiful, as close to new as you'll see on a 17yr old TVR. No shine on the steering wheel etc. Makes you smile... it's that lovely.

There is the odd touched in mark and stone chip on the car, we have left it as is in the main as the next owner may wish to leave it untouched, but these are options to be discussed. We can go through these in detail.

Likewise with the engine and chassis. It's running fine and if you're planning to add this to a collection we'd again suggest leaving it as is it is, however we are happy to discuss all options with the new owner, including sending the car to Powers for a refresh/rebuild if that's desirable.

Please contact us for a chat should you have a serious interest in the car.. Advert Date: 2017-11-12
Shmoo Automotive (Trade). Tel: 0116 2470644. Viewing by appointment only please. Leicester and Devon.
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