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TVR Sagamora for Sale £35,000
TVR Sagamora (2003)TVR Sagamora (2003)
TVR Sagamora (2003)
TVR Sagamora (2003)
TVR Sagamora built from all original TVR Sagaris panels. As seen in TVR owners club mag. TVR power engine rebuild , with no miles on brand new. 19 inch wheels. 6 pot upgraded front brakes with rotor disc. De-cat. Nitrons. 2005 trim just fitted. Perfect chassis.

Full build pics available. I will put more pics on when the car comes back from its engine rebuild.

Any questions call glen on 01670521100 or 07886097954. Advert Date: 2017-08-10
TVR.DEAN (Trade). Tel: 01670 521100
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Model History
2004: TVR Sagaris launched with 380bhp 4.0l inline six Speed Six engine. Available exclusively with 5-speed manual gearbox in Coupe body style.
2005: Numerous detail changes carried out including exhaust redesign and sturdier alloys.
2006: Ride height raised and suspension softened to alleviate bottoming out on bumpy roads. Last Sagaris rolls off the line.
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