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TVR Griffith 4.0 (Deposit Taken)
TVR Griffith 4.0 (1992)TVR Griffith 4.0 (1992)TVR Griffith 4.0 (1992)TVR Griffith 4.0 (1992)TVR Griffith 4.0 (1992)
TVR Griffith 4.0 (1992)
TVR Griffith 4.0 (1992)
TVR Griffith 4.0 in Imperial Blue with Magnolia interior, navy carpets piped in magnolia, blue hood. Great opportunity to get hold of a pre-cat Griffith in a great colour combination. The car has been through an Autolign inspection. MOTed until the 31st of July 2018. Please call for full details. Mileage: 62,900. Advert Date: 2017-08-03
Fernhurst Motor Company (Trade). Tel: 01428 653924. Surrey, GU27 3EE.
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Model History
1990: Griffith revealed at the British Motor Show, based on the chassis of the V8S model.
1991: First deliveries of 4.0- and 4.3-litre models. Production cars use a development of the Tuscan racer chassis.
1993: Griffith 500 introduced with 340bhp, brake/suspension upgrades and catalytic convertors.
1994: All models change from the Rover SD1 gearbox to the BorgWarner T5 unit.
1996: Speed Six models announced with TVR's own straight-six engine, but it never enters production.
2001: TVR announces the end of Griffith production.
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