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TVR Chimaera 450 for Sale £18,500
TVR Chimaera 450 (1988)TVR Chimaera 450 (1988)TVR Chimaera 450 (1988)TVR Chimaera 450 (1988)TVR Chimaera 450 (1988)
TVR Chimaera 450 (1988)
TVR Chimaera 450 (1988)
TVR Chimaera 450 in Imperial Blue with Magnolia and Navy Trim.

If you looking for an excellent condition Chimaera with an impeccable history file this is the car for you. With only 45k on the clock is has been serviced at TVR dealers since new.

This car has wanted for nothing and has its outriggers replaced 2 years ago and finished of with a full set of silver levern accessories.

12.11.98 18 miles Broughtons TVR
07.11.99 1085 Miles Broughtons TVR
15.10.99 5998 Miles Broughtons TVR
27.11.00 9029 Miles David Hendry TVR
09.11.01 14111 Miles David Hendry TVR
02.12.02 17396 Miles David Hendry TVR
17.02.04 19942 Miles David Hendry TVR
16.02.05 22555 Miles David Hendry TVR
11.04.06 25116 Miles David Hendry TVR
11.10.07 28565 Miles David Hendry TVR
07.09.10 32711 Miles David Hendry TVR
06.09.11 35595 Miles David Hendry TVR
30.08.12 39225 Miles Neil Garner TVR
03.06.14 41413 Miles Neil Garner TVR
12.06.15 42904 Miles Neil Garner TVR
25.11.16 43946 Neil Garner TVR

The car will be sold with a 12 month NGP warranty. Advert Date: 2017-07-30
Neil Garner Performance Engineering (Trade). Tel: 01666 577449. Wiltshire. SN16 9SH
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