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TVR Tuscan/Vulcan for Sale £80,000
TVR Tuscan/Vulcan (2013)TVR Tuscan/Vulcan (2013)TVR Tuscan/Vulcan (2013)
TVR Tuscan/Vulcan (2013)
TVR Tuscan/Vulcan (2013)
TVR Tuscan / Vulcan. Vulcan was the Roman equivalent of Hespestus, the Greek God of the Forge and Fire - including Volcanoes. Enough said?

Str8six also changed the clutch mechanism so that the car could be driven, not only by Hercules, but also by mere mortals. Str8six development also homed in on the Vulcans wheels. The Spider alloys were first fitted to Tuscans in 2000. We were now 12 years further on and fashions change. Considerable research and discussion with wheel manufacturers ensued. This led to the design of brand new 19", forged, monobloc alloys - with centre recesses designed to emulate the centres of the Spider wheels - and engineered to suit the Tuscan and Sagaris fitment requirements. These new alloys are in tune with the wheels fitted by manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Ferrari and McLaren to the current crop of high-end Supercars - all of which feature multispoke, forged, monobloc alloys with sharp styling. The Vulcans alloys were specified so that they would accommodate AP Racing 6 pot (Front) and twin pot (Rear) brake calipers - clamping on larger diameter ventilated discs. So this car really stops - as well as goes!

Warranty: The Vulcan will, of course, be supplied with Str8six's renowned "All the 12's" handover specification. The car will receive a full 12,000 miles service, and it will have 12 months TAX, 12 months MOT and our 12 months/12,000 miles FULL WEAR AND TEAR WARRANTY (covering parts and labour) on the entire car. It will be supplied with a 12 Volt trickle charger and an Anderson jump lead cable.. Advert Date: 2017-06-22
Str8six (Trade). Tel: 01844 352735. Viewing by appointment only please. Oxfordshire, OX49.
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Model History
1998: The original Tuscan concept car is shown at the Birmingham International motor show.
1999: First Tuscans go on sale in the UK after a huge number of deposits the following year.
2001: Tuscan R offered from TVR's motorsport division, in either fast road car or full-blown track racer. TVR offered up to 450bhp.
2002: The 390bhp Tuscan S is launched - effectively a better developed version of the earlier Red Rose cars.
2005: Tuscan Mk2 arrives. Power was pushed to 400bhp. A full convertible model was also offered for the first time.
December 2006: TVR goes into administration, and production is stopped.
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