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TVR Tamora in Red Bull Blue For Sale. Year: 2003. Price: £24,995
TVR Tamora in Red Bull Blue - £24,995
2003 Mk2 TVR Tamora in Red Bull Blue. £24995 or nearest offer...
I have owned this Tamora for 5 years after moving to the Speed Six cars from my Griffith.
Now it is time to move on after 14 years of TVR ownership, itches need scratching !!
Since I have owned the car I have completed all the maintenance on her (full service history to 20k miles), and carried out all the mods I felt would enhance the car, such as upgrading the throttle bodies to bearing movement, a well known improvement in the running of these engines, there are also throttle body insulators fitted.
The engine mounts have been upgraded so no chance of anymore failures. The fuel injectors have been ultrasonically cleaned and this restored the power back to the factory power claim of 350bhp, at the same time a new coil pack was fitted.
To keep the engine bay clean, any oil hoses that were leaking were replaced, and the old flaky power steering bracket was upgraded to Stainless steel.
The original radiator has been re-cored and now keeps the car at the correct temperature, if things do get a bit warm there is a two stage fan override switch fitted.
I fitted a new clutch and slave cylinder in 2015, the clutch has only done about 4k miles.
The car benefits from uprated front anti-roll bar links, Nitron dampers, Toyo R1R tyres and gloss black 18” Spiders.
In the interior, everything works, no issues with dodgy switches or anything, the seat backs have been painted to match the Red Bull Blue exterior. The pedal box has been stripped, cleaned and re-plated. The original LCD dash screen has been upgraded from black/green to a white/black screen, which means it can be read in sunshine!
An Alpine head unit with MP3/Bluetooth is there to provide entertainment should you ever get sick of the sound of the sport back boxes, although this is unlikely. (If you wish to go touring, the original more sedate back box is available with the car). The head unit plays through upgraded rear 6x9 speakers and additional front 100mm Vibe speakers trimmed into the doors.
The boot lid and bonnet hinges have been re-plated and the rear Tamora badge has been restored and resin domed.
A new battery was fitted two years ago and is maintained by a battery conditioner.
I have a record of all the valve clearances I have checked and adjusted over the years.
This is a nice useable enthusiasts car, that can be driven for fun, or taken touring.
The engine pulls clearly through the range with no issues,I have always warmed it up properly when driving. The chassis in great condition and clean.
We enjoyed two weeks in the South of France in 2015, the car performed faultlessly, with all of the luggage , the only headache was a single brake light failure!
The front end has the usual stone chips as is the norm for a car that is enjoyed, the front wheels have some kerb marks (these may well be re-furbed prior to sale).

The car will leave me with full MOT.

The Tamora is now back on its original registration plate,FJ03FKE.
Any questions, please get in touch and lets discuss the car !
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