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TVR Griffith SC510 for Sale £29,500
TVR Griffith SC510 (1996)TVR Griffith SC510 (1996)TVR Griffith SC510 (1996)TVR Griffith SC510 (1996)TVR Griffith SC510 (1996)
TVR Griffith SC510 (1996)
TVR Griffith SC510 (1996)
TVR Griffith Supercharged SC510.

One of a kind 1996 Griffith SC510 (57k miles) finished in Deep Aqua blue (BMW Avus Blau).

This car has just undergone extensive re-commissioning having sat for some time after its previous owner passed away.

The engine turned out to be in poor health so was removed from car and sent to John Eales where it was rebuilt with new larger pistons, bearings and the block was re-bored and cross bolted by John, he also neutrally balanced the crankshaft assembly as well. The short engine was refitted by Big Col at TVRSSW with new camshaft, followers etc and a new clutch assembly and slave cylinder.

So you are getting a brand new John Eales 5.1ltr engine which is now in excellent health and has also been given the Mark Adams treatment on Mech Repairs rolling road for you :).

Since taking on the project we have cleaned and painted the chassis where there were signs of surface rust or flaking powder coat. The front suspension was all in pretty much new condition.

The interior has been completely stripped and new carpets fitted, new dashboards fitted and all the leather has been restored to a professional level.

Roof rear section has been overhauled and new screen fitted.

The front end had been scuffed by someone reversing into it, so we had the whole front end re-sprayed, and the BMW Avus Blau colour match looks stunning!

The spec:

Fresh 5.1 ltr crossbolted J.E. short engine with all new components. The engine will have done no more than 250 miles when you get it so it will need the remainder of its 1000 mile running in completed and then the oil changed to a fully synthetic oil (we would recommend a 10/60 such as Mobil Extended Life for this car).

Rollcentre Roll bar with two original 4 point Willans Harnesses cleaned and refitted along with new inertia seat belts both sides.

HiSpec 4pot callipers up front with braided hoses all round & larger grooved discs.

SC Powers SC 500 Supercharger kit with intercooler and bespoke induction system.

Redtec Ali radiator and silicon hoses.

GAZ adjustable shocks with spring weight specd for the cars power.

Expensive to replace Estoril wheels (no kerbing) and R888s with nearly new tread depth.

SC Power aero - front splitter, front winglets and rear diffuser along with bespoke bonnet venting.

DAB Radio with hidden FM/DAB antenna under boot lid with crystal clear reception.

Big folder of Receipts and old MOTs along with original log book and service records.

Oh did i mentioned this is a 5ltr Supercharged Monster with over 400 horsepower?!? its not for the faint hearted, even tho it cruises as smoothly as a luxury car (read NO SHUNTING AT ALL) and is very driveable despite the power.

Ps Reek will appear in a forthcoming Sprint magazine its going to be famous ) and it used to be quite successful in the TVR Sprint serious a few years back :)

This is a LOT of car, which has had simply Thousands spent on it, over £1k on the aero, S/S install in the region of £7.5k, the J.E. engine and R/R totalling more than £6k and thats before we get to the body, chassis and interior overhaul.. Advert Date: 2017-03-01
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